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Ponder It

Something to Think About

Something to think about
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We here at ponder_it believe that people should sit down and really consider what life sets before them. We believe that the real voyage of discovery is not in seeing new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.

Because of this we feel it is important to provide a place to express things that should be considered. This could be ranging from, why life is beautiful to rammifications of the most recently tax enacted. This could be a one sentence statment, or an entire article with sources en tow. This is not however something to spawn, or nurture debate. We whole heartedly believe that debate is important and valuable, but there are many other places to do so.

If you choose to join you are agreeing that you will comply with the intentions of this community. You will submit statments that are to envoke thought for the betterment of the world. You will take at least a few quiet moments (or many studious weeks) to honestly and truly consider what it is that is being expressed. Finally you will consider in quiet, and will only comment with questions of other places to find like information, sources etc. or simple words of encouragment or thanks, there is to be no debate or discussion about the actual consideration.

Does it always have to be serious? Not really... sometimes a fun riddle or punny joke have their place, but let's just be sure that there is a good mix of it all.

As far as moderation goes... don't be a jerk, and the moderators reserve final judgment. Though appeals can be made and will be considered, they may not be always met in light of the good of the community.

While I am in the process of switching emails and the like, feel free to pose any questions or concerns that you may have in my personal journal dies___irae.